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Beginner Step Dancing with Sabra MacGillivray

Online Dance Course

Sabra MacGillivray

I will take you through a 15-video series of step dance instruction at the beginner level to learn the basic strathspey and reel steps commonly performed in the step dancing regions where I grew up. By the end of the series, you will be able to perform an entire solo step dance routine which consists of strathspeys and reels. All the steps are broken down into different tempos, starting at a very slow speed, and gradually building to full tempo. So, you can learn at your own speed, taking as long as you need to master the steps, and in the comfort of your own home! I’ve included audio tracks that you can download (recorded by my brother Troy MacGillivray) with 3 different tempos to practice along to. Also, there is a PDF that you can download or print off so that you can follow along with the steps, and easily find the tempos of each of the steps outlined by the time code. Once you complete this series, you will be well on your way to learning more intermediate and advanced steps, which will be coming in the future! Happy dancing!